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before​​/​​after hours

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Gny 1
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before / after hours

“before/after hours is a collection of my best beats, and i would consider this to be my best work to date. this one is about the night out in the bar with great music, and the love for jazz. this is an influence from my dad, and i feel that this influence and love for this music has driven me to create what i would consider my masterpiece. it’s a blast to the past back when he used to bring the family to a jazz bar just close to home, and we’d spend the night eating pizza while someone on the stage is killing that solo on the bongos. in a way, this is a “throwback” for me, and that my experience in the bar back when i was a child is reflected onto this tape. in the end, everyone goes home, and just thinks about what happened that night, and that corresponds to right now, where i reflect on those nights back when i was a kid.”
– gny

Tracklist in order:
1. table for four
2. shaken not stirred
3. martini w/ sleepdealer
4. opening act
5. spotlight
6. after hours
7. going home
8. no stars w/ eda

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