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Softeyez 2
Softeyez 2
Softeyez 1
Softeyez 3


“I started the production of this tape in September of my senior year in high school. I wanted to give the feeling of home, somewhere pleasant where you feel safe. This tape explores feelings of comfort and happiness, but also feelings of loss and heartbreak. Welcome to the neighborhood of Evermay.”

Tracklist in order:
Side A:
welcome to the neighborhood
reality behind this cosmos
listen to the vibez
things i do
w/ Sickarone
desiderio w/ Kuranes
[ secret track ūüėČ ]

Side B:
stolen tea w/ Too Ugly
i’m still here
soft clouds w/ Behind Clouds
this one’s calming
sour dee
wishing you were here w/ Karavelo
stay with me
pueblo w/ Zod1ac

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