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heartbroken volumes ii

Heartbroken 1
Heartbroken 1
Heartbroken 2
Heartbroken 3

heartbroken volumes ii

Tracklist in order:

side a

1. summers gone by (w/ kainbeats)

2. lugubrious dream (w/ Erameld)

3. i think im losing her (w/ Ageturner)

4. severance (w/ Hevi)

5. sacrosanct (w/ Houch)

6. passerby; ephemeral (w/ Haru Pandi)

7. illinois (w/ Stuffed Tomato)

8. selcouth (w/ S N U G)

9. providence (w/ little sierra)

side b

10. inconsiquential (w/ Stuffed Tomato)

11. taciturn (w/ Citrusgastank)

12. 石神井公園 (w/ cafe.wav)

13. longing with nothing to long for (w/ Houch)

14. seclusion (w/ Jabbu)

15. homecoming / never again (w/ t.Stratt)

16. insignificance (w/ Palm Fires)

17. 비오는 날 (w/ Hazel)

18. symbiosis (w/ S N U G)

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