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heartbroken volumes

Hb 2
Hb 2
Hb 1
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heartbroken volumes

Tracklist in order:

side a
1. long distance anxiety (w/ platesnubbleren)
2. spending summer together (w/ erameld)
3. today ill be dead (w/ dylonbangss)
4. 新島 真 (w/ frad)
5. a catharsis in her eyes (w/ ibrahim)
6. rainy nights, missing you (w/ PiNKII)
7. my type is girls that dont like me (w/ jabbu)
8. no one else (w/ micmole)

side b
9. i just want someone to tell me im cute (w/ king.)
10. say that you love me too (w/ colt)
11. mixed emotions (w/ yuutsu)
12. as i think of you (w/ fisheye)
13. 紅葉 (w/ bloom)
14. echoes (w/ paper latte)
15. cant we just pretend that none of this ever happened (w/ little sierra)
16. red (w/ laura butula)
17. why do i do this too myself (w/ livid)

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