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Je Sais Pas

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Je Sais Pas

We are proud to present the cassette edition of “Je Sais Pas” by Marie Louise. Marie is a multi talented musician, model who you can expect great things of in the future. The cassette contains 11 tracks voiced & written by Marie Louise and produced by great beat makers.

Tracklist in order:
1. Coast [prod. ¢hange]
2. Potential ft.Luuk, Elyon [prod. jhfly]
3. Laughin’ [prod.LYFE]
4. Grateful [prod. Kazam]
5. Feelin’ [prod.bluørangee]
6. We Don’t Mind [prod. Korey Wade]
7. Funky 4th ft. M∆LC0LM QUEST
 [prod. Erameld]
8. Philocalist [prod. AyweeTHAseed x O r g n i c]
9. Coolin’ [prod. Bryzone]
10. Grind ft.DisMissedFit [prod. Erameld]
11. How U Doin’ [prod. ᵖʰ’ˡ]

Support Marie Louise here: 

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