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Saturn Return

Saturn 1
Saturn 1
Saturn 2
Saturn 3

Saturn Return

“Saturn returns to the same place it was when you were born every 29.5 years. In astrology, this describes a time as your approach 30 when you ask deeper questions about the state of your life.

This concept album was created during a 2-week period in Spring 2019 when Metic flew from Hong Kong to Victoria, Canada to visit Lamchop. At that time, Lamchop had left his life in Hong Kong to support his mother’s battle through cancer back home. Meanwhile, Metic was planning a move to New York to further his music. Both were going through significant changes in their lives and sought to capture these ideas through their instruments.

This 8-track chillhop EP follows the journey of a protagonist going through Saturn Return.”

Tracklist in order:
01 Final Boarding
02 Boketo Bay
03 Another Chance
04 Inflection Point
05 Escape Velocity
06 First Contact
07 Saturn Social Club
08 Pillow Talk

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