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spacerock e​.​p.

Aboldex 1
Aboldex 1
Aboldex 3
Aboldex 2
Aboldex Mockup

spacerock e . p.

a celty guide to the spacerock e.p.

celty slang for big space boulder, aka an Asteroid.

slang for false identity
big smarty pants version of spacerock, the true term.

Unidentified Flying (Object) Thingy

saturn (the alien):
latin guitar playing alien badass, also part time beat bopper.

shadow people:
The things I see in my room- celty WRLD

Spacerock is here because of a fascination with the world above us, the tracks are sequential in nature.

spacerock crashes, false identity, turns out, it’s an asteroid, no, wait is a UFO, and well now she reveals herself to be Saturn, and now she leaves, leaving shadows. 11 minutes, 6 tracks, 1 story.

NOTE: It repeats on both sides, so you don’t have to deal with 11 minutes of awkward silence. Thank us later.

what is a celty?
www. soundcloud/fearofcelty

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