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the celty stulurson show 001

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the celty stulurson show 001

The cassette version of the show features a broadcast dubbed “the lost gems” intertwined within the original first broadcast, you are hearing these tracks (saturn, surf, angel, darkness, radio track, and koi) for the first time, with a single track “tokion box logo”, along with the classics like motorcycle and domino, a special treat for buying the cassette, these tracks may never see another broadcast in the near future. So stock of on these official recordings of the landmark radio show hosted by everyone’s favorite lo-fi cynic, celty! If this goes well, the show might be back on the air soon…

1. radio track
2. beginning
 of broadcast
3. dullahan
4. faceless
5. feature film
6. surf
7. backgammon
8. tokion box logo
9. signal interference (off the air)

10. commercial break (back on the air)
11. angel
12. darkness
13. koi
14. motorcycle
15. saturn
16. shinra
17. domino
18. end of broadcast (for now)

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