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The Lofi [NTWRK] Tape Vol 2

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The Lofi `{`NTWRK`}` Tape Vol 2

The Lofi [NTWRK] Tape Vol 2 is a collaboration tape put together by myself (CJBEATS) with the help of
13 other dope artists. We have been putting this together for about a year now, some songs made for this
tape & other tracks were made for a previous unreleased tape but fitted the criteria for this album.
We started with 13 original tracks/loops & the other artists then put their own twist on it. We have come
up with in my opinion an amazing album that showcases the talent of these wonderful people. I’ve had a lot of
fun making it & I hope they did too so a huge thank you to them & a huge shout out to Insert Tapes. <3

We have also decided as a group to donate the proceeds from physical & digital sales to an amazing organisation
that goes by the name of Todays Future Sound. In short they host workshops that enable kids to get into music
production and beats. You can find more about their work below.

So kick back and enjoy the tape, & who knows you might find your next favourite track. <3


Soundcloud –
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Todays Future Sound –

Original Photo From Sun Yehoshua:

Album Mastered By Dylan Mckay:

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