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    "ill_fitting_beats" is a mixtape series made by ill.fitting. The idea behind the mix is to showcase the community vibes. The format can vary it might be a limited cassette release or a live set on youtube. This will not come out as a digital release just an old school mixtape uploaded to Soundcloud and Youtube.


    - You can submit as many beats as you want, we will only pick one of them. Fill out this form for each track you submit.- Your beats must be in .wav files.- No specific genre, anything goes as long as it’s dope. - Your submission do not need to be exclusive or unreleased.- No max or min length.- By submitting you don’t give us rights other that publications and usage of the song. Limited cassette might be made and sold and if so the earnings will go to funding the artwork and other parts of the project.- No due date always accepting submissions. * means required areas

    Upload your track to a file hosting website and paste your file link here.(Make sure that your link does not expire!)

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