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    Submissions for a new mixtape series we are creating. The mixtape is going to be released as cassette only together with a live set on Youtube. The idea is to create a showcase of upcoming artist and on the same time make a cool cassette that can be collected as the series continue. The cassette release will be very limited and earnings will cover the production costs + artwork. Before you submit you should read the rules carefully.


    - You can submit as many beats as you want, we will only pick one of them. Fill out this form for each track you submit.
    - Your beats must be in .wav files.
    - No specific genre, anything goes as long as it’s dope.
    - Your submission do not need to be exclusive or unreleased.
    - No max or min length.
    - By submitting you don’t give us rights other that publications and usage of the song.
    - Due date: 28 February.
    * means required areas

    Upload your track to a file hosting website and paste your file link here.(Make sure that your link does not expire!)

    We will go through all submission after the due date.

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