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We offer these services

  • We can send you the desired amount of copies. This will cost $5 per copy which is our production price, plus shipping that will vary depending on the quantity of the order.
  • We handle the distribution. This means that we upload and sell the cassette on our Bandcamp and Soundcloud page. We also promote the release on our Instagram and Facebook page. When we handle the distribution we take the production cost of $5 of every purchase. You will be able to set your own price and you will get everything above our production cost at the end of every month.

It’s also possible to make a hybrid of these two where you can handle the sales at your digital stores and provide all necessary information + cover production cost and we will ship the tapes to your costumers.

What’s the first step?

If you want to release via Insert Tapes then you need to have an album ready. You will also need your cover photo adapted to the cassette format with labels to go with that.

You can download our templates here:

When you have everything ready go to our submit page and fill out everything that is needed. We will then contact you when we start working on your release. If you want us to distribute your tape in our stores we have to add a start up fee of $10 for production of the first copy. The first copy is more time consuming for us to make and might need a few revisions before it reaches the final design.

Make sure that you got all the permissions to release your beats.

Is there an minimum or maximum to how long the album can be?

Not really we can manage most lengths but be sure you know exactly how long your release is before you submit otherwise we might have to cut out some parts of the beats.

Can I choose the colors of the actual cassette?

This depends, we have a limited amount of colors. We always try to fit the cassette with the design of the cover to make a good looking product. In most cases we place an order on the right color after we have contacted you via email when you have submitted an release so both parts are happy with the choice of color.

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