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Day Off – Cassette Edition



Day Off is a collection of beats Ashorttimelater made over the past 4 years, using different samplers and a computer.
The tape is a mix of styles and moods, all with a characteristic sound selection and swing.
The tape has a dreamy vibe and it doesn’t become too aggressive or too much like background noise.
Fits well for doing the dishes, a bus ride or just taking a day off.

Tracklist in order:

1. Play A Blues
2. Impromptu
3. Hush
. Now Schooler
5. Incense
6. Run It Back (Ft. Dj Miraculez)
7. You There
8. Stuff To Do
9. Tell Me
10. Airy
11. No Doubt
12. Phat Beats
13. Underwater
14. Forward
15. Armchair-Traveller
16. One Horse Town
17. Counterfeit
18. Al Dente
19. Background Ballad
20. Know What I Mean
21. Stay In (Ft. Emil Bureau + PhaFalAion)

Scratches on “Run It Back” by Dj Miraculez.
Additional guitar and moog on “Stay In” by Emil Bureau.
Additional organ on “Stay In” by Eyðun Nyström.

Cover art: Tor S. J.

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