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Sonic Oddities – Cassette Edition



Two talented beatmakers, earfluvv and aroma, linked up on collaborative beat tape “Sonic Oddities”, where the duo’s styles converge to create a unique and entrancing sonic experience. With a signature sound and it’s dusty and hazy textures, takes listeners on a musical adventure that offers a fresh perspective on the world of lofi beats. Each track is a testament to the artistry of the two, making this album a must listen for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the atmospheric beauty of spacey beats.

This release is available on all major streaming platforms.

Tracklist in order:

1. Reverberations
2. Unraveled Threads
3. Dreamscapes
4. Analog Haze
5. Dusty Dawn
6. Phantom Signals
7. Echo Vortex
8. Magnetic Fields
9. Forgotten Melodies
10. Mystical Machines
11. Temporal Groove
12. Lost in Sound
13. Time Ripples
14. Electric Whispers
15. Parralel Realms
16. Chaos Circuit
17. Synthetic Reviere

Artwork by aroma

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