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Midnight Snack: Changua


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The third instalment of our own mixtape series “Midnight Snack”. In this series we ask our community to send us their best vibes for us to curate a great mix. The point of the mixtape is to create an awesome compilation album that showcases up-and-coming artists that we think deserves more attention.

Since we are making such a limited amount it costs more than a usual vinyl. This will really be a collectors item. 

We are not making any money at all on this, might even lose some in the process. We just want to make something limited and cool for the community. The price you pay is what it costs for us to produce it.

Stream the digital release here.

Tracklist in order:

Side A
  1. Pepe Carvalho – Anthe
  2. oddatlife – Miami
  3. David Chief & Notation – slices of light
  4. Jav Cast – Horizon
  5. ill.fitting – Poster
  6. 7&Nine & Greg Beat feat. Shakambo – Genius
  7. Dr.Doppler – The Crown
  8. matin.pz – dreamz
  9. Ashorttimelater – Reverse Reverse Psychology
  10. Civin & MYR – au Zénith
Side B
  1. Saaaz & injijo – this way
  2. Ben Jammin’ Beats – Free Falling
  3. Nishnu – Early Hours
  4. earfluvv – Vermillion
  5. Howiewonder – Relaz
  6. tendo.wav – A Daydreamer’s Folly
  7. Chopef & vvis. – New Path
  8. mädmäx – NOBODY CAN
  9. rj one – Growing Up
  10. Dysphoria & patient wave – Clarity

About the artwork

In each volume of Midnight Snack we ask a new visual artists to make an artwork in their distinct style. This time we asked MatthewLopz to pick what snack we should have this time and also to write a short introduction about his work.


Hello, my name is David Mattos Lopez, better know as MatthewLopz, I’m a digital artist, my work focuses on feelings, I like touching on emotions hard to express but easy to relate to, lots of pain, sadness and cigarettes but with nice bright colors, also, I’m Colombian, I take great pride in my culture and i take a lot from my country’s aesthetic in order to make some of my pieces, so, from Colombia with much love, hope you keep enjoying and support my art!

Make sure your checkout more of his work. You can order prints here.


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