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Midnight Snack: Ramen


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This might be the best mixtape out there!

The second instalment of our own mixtape series “Midnight Snack”. In this series we ask our community to send us their best vibes for us to curate a great mix. The point of the mixtape is to create an awesome tape that showcases upcoming artists that we think deserves more attention. 

Since we are making such a limited amount this vinyl costs more than a usual vinyl. This will really be a collectors item. 

We are not making any money at all on this, might even lose some in the process. We just want to make something limited and cool for the community. The price you pay is what it costs for us to produce it.

Tracklist in order:

Side A
  1. Looming – Obsession
  2. Kool Klone x WADE DAO – call me
  3. pololu – kirby dough
  4. Cygnet – Sunbeams and Daydreams
  5. tendo.wav – Nostalgic\\
  6. [lxwtide] – ghostface
  7. Infinityface – Feel $O
  8. tablebooze – OH NO
  9. 7&Nine – Real lush
  10. ill.fitting – Swop
Side B
  1. Tired Eyes – Exert
  2. Maria Whoat x earfluvv – With You
  3. matin.pz – beatFIVE
  4. PRGMAT – Hello World
  5. QuirklessWonder – Beach Date
  6. Brickbeats – Lounge III
  7. David Chief – Leaf Season
  8. Estoric x S I M – Cigars
  9. Nishnu – Chirp
  10. Pepe Carvalho – It Cannot Laugh, But It Can Smile

About the artwork

We also aim to shine light on talented visual artists out there. We ask a new artist to create the artwork based on their style every episode and we are so happy to say that this one is made by @zomkashwak . We have been a fan of his work for a long time and many of our best selling tapes is featuring his artworks. Zom is from the Philippines and has been a huge part of the lofi community for a long time. His artwork perfectly captures moments and feelings that is perfect for album artworks and we hope to work more with him in the future.

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